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Automated Inventory Management

Provides manage, track and organize product sales which give max visibility of inventory across selling channels.

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The 5ivot's set it & forget functions will save you time, money and make you stand out from the crowd.

Combine image Stand out from the crowd - Combine image automatically / manually for all the type of items

Auto Description Combine descriptions for the variation groups and bundle items.

Auto Selling Price Automatic selling price update for selling channels - if the item cost price changes


Product Management

5ivot allows you to create a product multiple variants, like size, color, also can create bundled products

  • Product information
  • Active filters
  • Multi warehouse locations
  • Product variation
  • Bundle /Kit products
  • Shipping weight & measurements
  • Tax calculation
  • Listing information
  • Assign supplier
  • Custom attributes
  • Search tags
  • Automatic sell price
  • **Product sales history
  • **Auto purchase order

Stock Management

Update of inventory stock levels, orders, and synchronise across multiple channels along with getting warehouse information

  • Stock updates across channels
  • Schedule stock level import
  • Auto combine stock level
  • Warehouse based stock level
  • Reserved stock level
  • Rule based stock level adjustment

Multichannel Mapping

Map multi channel listings and more than one listings from specific channels to your single inventory item.

  • Linking with Item or supplier SKU
  • Pricing rule and rounding up
  • Quantity update rule
  • Different price for each listing

Out of Stock Situations

5ivot has a functions to control out of stock situation for all integrated selling channels and help you to avoid anything to ruin your business.

  • Reserve quantity
  • Able to set reserve qty for each warehouse
  • Bulk update reserved qty in 1 click
  • Auto adjust the stock level when its reached reserve qty level

Barcode System

5ivot most compatible with scanning barcodes quickly to avoid manual bugs and increasing the profitability of handling inventory effectively  that killing time machines

  • Scan the Product information
  • Receiving PO
  • Order Pick & Pack

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